Scope of Services

McPherson Management Ltd. offers a complete range of services that will meet your organizations every need. And you only have to deal with us; one company, one supplier, one location. You tell us what you want and we will make it happen. Our services are designed to facilitate the achievement of the overall objectives and goals of your association by giving you the service you need, when you need it. We know what has to be done and we know how to do it.

McPherson Management Ltd. offers a broad range of association management services, including:

Association Office and Administrative Support Services

McPherson Management Ltd. provides office space, a permanent address, and a full complement of support staff. We can also draw upon a pool of personnel resources, who can be assigned to projects on an as needed basis. Our office is equipped with up-to-date computers and software, including word processing, desktop publishing, accounting, database, and meeting planning programs. Other equipment includes printers, fax machine, photocopy machine, telephone system, file backup, postage meter and scale, boardroom, file cabinets, offsite storage, and an office security system. We are connected to the Internet and can provide broadcast fax and e-mail messaging services. We take the appropriate measures to ensure all information kept in our office is properly stored, secured and backed up. McPherson Management is fully equipped to handle all of your association’s general administrative and clerical services.

Financial Management Services

McPherson Management Ltd. has the experience and expertise to provide all the financial services that your association requires including handling the day-to-day bookkeeping. Through sound financial management and reporting, we can assist your Board of Directors in making informed decisions regarding your association and its activities. We employ an efficient and effective system, utilizing a series of checks and balances, for managing our client’s finances. 
Membership Management Services

McPherson Management Ltd. has developed a proven membership services system for each of our client associations. It starts with the “Membership Database” which provides the foundation of almost all of the association’s administrative activity. The database is the data center on which most membership services are based. It is kept up-to-date on a continual basis as changes and new information comes into the association office.This allows us to stay on top of current memberships, new memberships, membership renewals, prospective members, lapsed members and other information your association would like us to track. McPherson Management Ltd. will work with the Board to establish clear processes on the handling of new member applications, processing and membership reporting.

McPherson Management Ltd. has experience in employing and maintaining online membership systems. Regardless of what database system the Association works with, the following would apply:

  • It is important that clear lines of communication be established between the appropriate Director and the Association Coordinator in the early days of the contract to ensure the proper processes and policies established for the membership database are followed;
  • All documents that will be produced by the database should be clearly identified and specific reports and lists to be produced should be well documented;
  • The Association Coordinator will establish the best format and system to achieve positive end results;
  • All information intended for distribution will be accomplished in a timely manner;

Board Support Services

McPherson Management Ltd. can provide complete support to your Board and its various committees. We can make all meeting site or telephone conference arrangements, assist the President and Secretary in preparing meeting notices and agendas, record minutes and distribute to the Board, and prepare/present any other reports as required.

McPherson Management Ltd. can also assist your Board in arranging for strategic planning sessions as well as develop planning calendars, action plans and maintaining your associations bylaws and policies manual. We can assist in the strategic planning process by helping to facilitate a strategic planning session at the start of the year and then help manage the strategic plan by reviewing it regularly with the Board to keep the Board on task with their objectives and actions.

Conference and Event Management Services

McPherson Management Ltd. meets the need that exists in the conference and event planning sector for professional, reliable event planners. McPherson Management Ltd. can provide event management services for all of your association’s events.

McPherson Management Ltd.  has an extensive network of reliable connections with hotels, travel agencies, airlines, and tourism bureaus. We can take care of all the details, working within your budget and taking the opportunity to promote and consolidate your organization. Armed with superb contacts, extensive experience, state-of-the-art software, and a thorough knowledge of the philosophies, goals and objectives that underpin and drive your organization, McPherson Management Ltd. has the necessary expertise to successfully plan and execute your next convention, meeting, luncheon, or seminar.

We emphasize a high level of client involvement, resulting in measurable successes. The knowledge we have gained in organizing and managing events for more than 30 years becomes part of the knowledge base we will use to plan your events.

Check out the Conference Management section of this website and the Scope of Services we can provide to plan and manage your association’s events.

Communication Services

Communications Management, Technology, and Correspondence

McPherson Management Ltd. provides clients with the latest technology available in order in ensure the most cost effective means of high quality communications possible. Communications are performed by email as a rule; however, the appropriate systems are in place for broadcast fax and mass mailouts.  McPherson Management Ltd. can also assist clients with other forms of communications through the use of social media and e-newsletter tools. We are also exploring other effective communication tools including the use of “Apps” for association use.

Printed Newsletters, Publications, Annual Reports

McPherson Management Ltd. produces many publications on a regular basis for Associations across Canada and the U.S. We have saved organizations considerable budget dollars in procuring the best service for the money. Our firm has extensive experience in providing organizations with top quality documents in printed versions as well as by electronic means (email, internet or faxout).

McPherson Management Ltd. has extensive experience coordinating advertising and article submissions. We have the capability to research, report on events, and write articles in-house or to outsource this with competent professionals. We understand how to make a newsletter or publication readable, both in format and content. We can do our own desktop publishing or outsource production to our network of specialists. Members of our client associations have consistently rated the newsletters and publications we publish on behalf of our clients as “very readable”, “informative” and “relevant”.

Website Design, Maintenance and Management

McPherson Management Ltd. has the expertise to update and maintain the most complex of websites. General website update and maintenance can be performed by the Association Coordinator. Website design and development services are typically handled by an outside webmaster. These include developing new web material and pages for your website as needed. Regular communications with regard to web content and updates between the webmaster, Association Coordinator and Board of Directors are necessary to ensure that the web content is timely and up-to-date.

McPherson Management Ltd. also has extensive experience leading associations through website development projects.  We know what it takes to build an “Association” website that provides maximum value for members. From finding the right web developer, creating the RFP, developing a project plan, determining page and navigation layout, developing an easy administration area, to website testing and an eventual launching the new website, we can lead your project team to positive end results. 

Leadership Services

McPherson Management Ltd. can provide much more than basic administrative and secretarial support, we can also provide professionals who can take on an executive leadership role within the organization. McPherson Management Ltd. has professionals with the appropriate education and experience who can fill the role of Executive Director, Chief Staff Officer (CSO), or Association Manager. These professionals can provide strategic direction for your organization by helping plan, develop and implement key policies and directions for your associations to take. These professionals provide leadership to a number of associations of different sizes, in different life cycles, and in different industries. They have the skills necessary to take your association to the next level.

Consulting Services

Through strategic alliances and associates throughout Canada, McPherson Management Ltd. provides support to associations in the areas of consulting and evaluation.

We offer assistance in:

Strategy Evaluation Support

Evaluation of current strategy for products and surveys of association activity to association standards.

Strategy Implementation Support

Development of policies, business plans, financial action plans and continuous improvement reviews for products, services, governance and operations.

Strategy Formulation Support

Planning and strategy development, benchmark projects and scenario planning.

Public/Government Relations

Development and Implementation of public/government relations programs and Grant/Loan applications.

Accreditation and Certification Programs

Accreditation and Certification Programs as well as Fundraising and Business Development Programs.

Human Relations Support

Development of job descriptions, HR policies, and HR management of your association’s staff.

Software Development

Development of special software tools for use your association and/or its members.


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