Why Outsource Your Conference and Other Meetings?

Outsourcing your conferences, seminars, events, and other meetings is a great way of assuring the success of your convention. It has been our experience that a professional event management team can save the convention committee valuable time, effort and expense. It allows the Conference Planning Committee (CPC) to focus on the broader areas of conference planning, such as program content, budget compliance, acquisition and confirmation of speakers and communication with the Board of Directors. The event management team brings specialized knowledge and abilities to the planning process, allowing the CPC to take on the role of guidance, clarity and direction.

Consider the following points on why to outsource your event to a professional event management team.

  • Brings valuable experience to the planning process which may not be available otherwise. The knowledge base gained from planning other conferences and events becomes the knowledge base used to plan your event.
  • Brings negotiation power when dealing with hotels, caterers and other suppliers to the event. This can be a significant cost savings for your organization.
  • Provides access to specialized resources and skills that may not be available to those outside of the conference industry (e.g. registration software).
  • Saves precious volunteer time and effort.
  • Ensures that the important little details do not get overlooked.
  • Keeps the event schedule on track, both in the planning stage and at the event itself.
  • Keeps consistency from one year to the next. This is especially important when cultivating relationships with sponsors and advertisers for your event.
  • Handles unexpected problems swiftly and efficiently.
  • Allows and frees association leaders to focus on industry related issues and decisions rather than the basic administrative tasks of planning and running the event.
  • Ensures the event stays on budget.
  • Provides cost effective solutions to personnel, equipment, facilities and budget considerations.

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